Literally Stories Week 32



This week’s Fab Five was made up of one old boy, two Literally Stories Editors and two newcomers.

Des Kelly began the week briskly, setting a good pace with Running. James McEwan commented: “A clever and metaphoric piece, that is absorbing from within the character.”

Tuesday saw LS newcomer Jon Beight — welcome Jon — introduce a rarity to this neighbourhood of cyberspace. Namely a love story. Elizabeth Swann Lewis commented on Miguel, Lola and Ted – A Love Story: “I will probably never ever get the image of the guy melding with his chrome out of my mind. HILARIOUS.”

Wednesday, yet again, occurred in the middle of the week. I suspect, Wednesday’s author, Nik Eveleigh, couldn’t give two hoots whether or not you clicked on his story, Apathetica. Des Kelly wasn’t so indifferent when he observed: “Enjoyable and trippy stuff. You’ve gained entry into the magic lands of Terry Pratchett and escaped to tell the tale.”

Hugh Cron posed a question that felt more like a plea in his gritty tale Why Can’t She See The Difference? Diane Dickson remarked: “By approaching this from a less usual angle – that of one of the less obvious victims of a crime – you have produced a powerful piece of writing about the aftermath of a dreadful deed. Uncompromising and heart rending.”

The week finished on Friday in a not too distant future with another addition to the LS fold, Jaclyn Adomeit. Welcome Jaclyn and thank you for writing Drafted. Hugh Cron said: “This caught my interest very quickly. You have crafted a futuristic story with the recognisable attitudes and problems of today.”


We have made some revisions to our Submission Guidelines. Please take a look at the heading genre/type where we have included a number of story-lines we regard as a ‘hard sell’. Also note documents should be single spaced in 12 pt and with no indents as this makes our job of formatting text for publication less problematic.


The scrap to decide who was crowned Week 31’s King of the Castle ended in a unanimous points victory for Literally Stories Crown Prince of Jantelagen, Tobias Haglund, for his wonderful story, Flanders Field. I know for a fact, despite another victory, the modest Swede does not think of himself as smarter than we are! I also know further congratulations are in order…

Tobias just got a YES from his lovely girlfriend, who has agreed to be Mrs. Haglund.

The only way to dethrone a ruling monarch who is happier than a pig in muck, without resorting to treason, is to vote in the contest that is legend. Need I do more than draw your attention to the icon below and the poll beneath it?

story of the week banner

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