Literally Stories Week 28


Anyone who has followed the progress of Literally Stories over the past seven months will testify to the fact there are no specific genres or themes favoured above any other in the choice of stories we have published. No subject matter has taken precedence over any other. There is no writing style which is de rigueur with the Editors of the site. Just good stories. At any rate, we, the Editors, like to think so. Not that every story is to everyone’s taste. You can please some of the people all of the time…

I digress. I began ‘Week 28’ by hunting for a strand, a connection that would form the narrative that would obliterate a few square inches of blue with white type.

Women sprang to mind. Females to be precise in the guise of She. The Woman Upstairs. Carla: and immediately spotted a flaw in my thinking.

She – a story about a dead (female) cat. The Woman Upstairs – a story about woman upstairs. And Carla – a story about a man.

Spotting flaws. Typos. Errant punctuation, is just one of the many little jobs we pride ourselves in being diligent about. Not that we always get it spot on, mind.

Whereas, plot holes, or less objectively, ambiguous characterisation, are as much the concern of the reader as the Editor.

That’s you. The reader.

Our authors welcome your comments. Even the world’s most lauded writers benefit from criticism and want to know what they are doing wrong as well as what they have done right. So please comment.

All comments are moderated but that is simply a precaution against that most unpleasant of phenomenons, the Internet Troll.

And now, instead of a brief interlude, a quick look back on the week.

Hallowed be Michail Mulvey’s name. His bitter-sweet take on the single life of the ‘betweeners’ had an irreverent charm to it in The Woman Upstairs. Welcome to LS Michail.

That was Monday. Tuesday saw another newcomer to the site. Sharon Dean. Welcome Sharon.

In a tense little affair Sharon’s Conrad West (no relation) saw eye to eye with a surgeon but kept getting funny looks from the anaesthetist in Neon. Check it out and you will see what I mean.

Flashing lights and on/off signals abounded in Tobias Haglund’s Carla. Sexuality and its many facets were the subject matter. It carries the Adult Content which might help to boost its rating but will it be enough to carry off the Story of the Week gong?

More of that in a moment.

Ashlie Allen told us about a recently deceased cat in a poetic horror story about love and loss called She. If I had to choose my favourite line of the week it would have to be Ashlie’s: ‘When I pulled her carcass out of my hair, I was making plaintive noises, much like the disturbing sounds you hear from a woman after she has discovered she is alone again.’

Friday saw our third newcomer. Fred Miller. Welcome Fred.

Expectations found Fred’s protagonist, a LA attorney, musing over his wife and a tennis coach and their off-court activities. Not a foot-fault in sight in this reflective tale of suspicion, regret and maybe, redemption?

Ironic that I should talk about flaws. Sorry folks. – this post which should have been scheduled for midday appeared a little earlier than we intended. Our apologies to anyone who read it and wondered who was the winner of this week’s Story of the Week poll.

I can now announce that Shane Bolitho caught a slight head wind and pushed his Cold, hard iron blade of the sea over the winning line in a close run affair. Congratulations Shane. Thanks to everyone who voted, please do so again this week and choose one of the following:

story of the week banner

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