Literally Stories Week 27


Water featured prominently on Literally Stories this week with three of the five writers navigating a course over, across, and even through it, in yet another flange of diverse stories and storytelling styles.

Frederick K. Foote and newcomer Willie Douglas, however, kept their feet firmly on dry land in Blackness and Lotus Flower. The latter story, on Tuesday, was a tense psychological thriller set in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, featuring a cold-hearted sniper bewitched by a flower whilst the former ended the week in fabulous style with a woman whose incredibly black skin ensured she was no wall flower – quite the opposite it would seem.

Monday Ossie Durrans kept us in suspense both literally and metaphorically some way high up above the Firth of Forth in Bridge too Far (no longer available on LS). Understated yet powerful drama.

LS newcomer Ambika Thompson pushed the envelope of literary boundaries on Tuesday in a short but unusual telling of love that included an Esperanto-speaking Teddy Bear, some fish and a turtle. However, there was nothing fishy about the writing in The Atlantic.

Shane Bolitho had us cast adrift on the good ship Seagull, midweek, following a terrible storm. With barely a sail left to carry the crew across the Indian Ocean, Mauritius seemed a long way off in Cold, hard iron blade of the sea. Something was definitely afoot amidships.

What was also afoot this week was a competition that kicked off as a five-way contest that ended with a runaway winner who was so far out of sight it was like a one horse race in a one horse town with only the Canadian Special Operations Regiment Evil Clown Unit around to verify the result. You think I’m crazy then you best start Looking for Nipsey.

Congratulations go to Nipsey’s creator, dm gillis, this week’s winner of Story of the Week.

If you want your say in the next instalment of the latest series that will no doubt one day end up being an out-sized box set then don’t forget to cast a vote for one of these:

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