Literally Stories – Week 21


We hope that you have all enjoyed this week’s mixed bag from Literally Stories as much as we have enjoyed presenting them to you.

There is always a buzz of excitement when we receive a new submission, this is tempered by nervousness and crossed fingers.  We absolutely love accepting your short fiction pieces, we are thrilled to send an acceptance email and the following notification of publication date.  All the stories, including our own are read by all the editors and to be approved they have to receive at least three strong YES votes.  Sometimes a story will be borderline and then there is great discussion amongst the editors and on occasion one of us will champion a piece successfully and bring about a change of mind and a piece will gain approval.  I mention this because we do want contributing authors to know that we always take your work very seriously and we do know how disappointing it is if we have to send that horrible “other” email.

Here at Literally Stories we have been surprised by a little side issue that has come up and that is the Header Images.  When we set up the web site it was very much a trial and error situation and the idea for a new image for each story grew from that and it has turned out to be great fun.  We have a media library of photographs from all over the world, some illustrations from Studio Anjou and then to our delight we have been able to publish pictures from other photographers who have very kindly given us permission to use their work.

As with many of these things it started out as an aside and has now become a big part of the fun of publishing the works.  We do hope that you enjoy looking at them as much as we enjoy finding images or taking our own (I even admit to re-organising a display in a well-known Swedish store for one of this week’s because I wanted just the right alarm clock!)

If you send us a story (please do – we are always in need of submissions) and you have an image that you think would suit it, and most importantly you own the copyright, send it to us and we would be more than happy to try to use it for the header.  Just bear in mind that the shape of the picture can crop important bits and the Literally Stories banner will be in the centre, this does fade as you scroll down the page but it is something to allow for.

So, all that said all that remains is to ask you to vote for your favourite story of the past week whether it be a little Humour with Mr Peta, something darker in A Time To Change (and my Swedish clock image) or the heart-searing Alfie or even a trip to the coast with Beach House or the tortured They Know from Tobias.

Last week the story of the week, chosen by our readers was a runaway victory by our all time champion Story of the Week winner Tobias and his look at small time America in Saunders House.

Well done again Tobias.


story of the week banner


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