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Literally Stories – Week 20


Week 20 ! that’s a milestone isn’t it. There’s another one also, no prizes but can any of our regular readers guess what it is?  Answers on a post card please (not really but there’s always the Your Thoughts page for those little titbits you want to share with us, we love to hear from you! But if you read on to the end I’ll reveal our other great milestone.

Our resident Swede gave us a double dose of his genius this week with bookend stories On Monday we had Holding Hostage a story of Uber coolness – or was it? And then on Friday we had a totally different piece Saunders House, about which one of the regular readers and contributors, June Griffin said: “A damn good story, Tobias! You’ve painted a touching, chilling, and very realistic picture of good and evil mixed with stupidity and ignorance. Congratulations! June.”

Tuesday was another offering from Des Kelly whose glimpse into the future entitled Future Imperfect was rather too close to being real to be comfortable. Thanks Des.

Wednesday and we had a heart-rending piece about Mickey and his Mates over there in the Small World and James McEwan summed up Disneyland with the following comment: “This is certainly a story that rides the roller-coaster of family life and reveals a very sad side of human nature. Although it ends directly, it does indicate a typical example showing the meaning of emotional and psychological abuse.”

Then to Thursday with a rare treat from our very own Adam who gave us the clever story Fat Tuesday with more than a small nod at the Scandinavian crime fiction we have all come to love. Dai Swede (who should after all know) gave us this comment:  “A grim homage to the already grim Swedish crime novels. I think this one could stand alone, without being an homage, as I’ve said to you before. I like the Swedishness you incorporated into this. Smörgåsbord, Hämmande Ängel etc. well done in your research! And well done on the story.”

So there we are, another great week shared with lots of lovely readers. We still need more stories so come on send ’em in and of course finally amidst great fanfare and fireworks and so on and so forth the Story of the Week was – extra long pause just to annoy the audience and try to make people cry.

The touching and thoughtful Ella’s Ghost by Nik Eveleigh – Well done Nik

story of the week banner

All that remains is for you to vote for your favourite, see you next week.

What about the other news I hear you scream – Ah yes! this week we have published our 100th story. As our most prolific contributor and winner of many Story of the Week votes we all thought it was right and proper for the honour to go to Saunders House by Tobias. Well deserved recognition for all your hard work Tobias!!!!

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