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Literary Stories Week 13


The task of writing Week 13 News fell to someone (me) who has made a habit of late of staring at blank pages. Bereft of inspiration (I tidy up and make tea and send out a load of emails to make myself useful) I’ll leave the wordy stuff to the reader/writers of Literally Stories.

Monday – To Friends and Family by Tobias Haglund – June Griffin said: An admirable story of a haunted man. Terribly good.

Tuesday – Change by Hugh Cron – Des Kelly said: Nice social commentary. Why are psychopaths also dog lovers? We’ll never know.

Wednesday – Phil’s Last Journey –- June Griffin said: I was swept along with the gushing water to the perfect ending. A dynamite story, Diane! Loved it.

Thursday – Red Ribbons by Des Kelly – Nik Eveleigh said: I’m not sure if it’s by accident or design Des but you have a knack for creating main characters that I’m not sure how to deal with. This story is a great example where I’m not sure if I feel pity, anger, sympathy or a whole host of other emotions in the direction of the MC.

Friday – Waiting For Francis by Todd Levin – Tobias Haglund said: A beautiful story about life, love and loss.

The votes have been counted and with no debates – no Question Time and no backbiting we have a winner – hmm some politicians could learn from you – our readers.  Without further ado we declare the winner of the Story of The Week election to be … … Another draw – well great heavens   The Kill Switch by Nik Eveleigh and The Conscious Coward by Vic Smith hit the tape together.  Well done both of them

story of the week banner

story of the week banner

And it remains with the readers to choose their Story of the Week for the week ending 27th February – so don’t forget to cast your vote (it’s more fun than an election) but then again a lot of things are more fun than an election!

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