Literally Stories – Roundup

DSC_0592So there we are, the first full week of Stories for 2015. We hope you found something that you enjoyed. Actually we hope you liked them all.

As you know we like to give all the stories a fair crack of the whip so the first Oscar for story of the week will only be handed out next weekend. Please keep reading, “liking” and commenting to make sure your favourite gets the nod.

We have been busy behind the scenes reading (and debating) your brilliant entries, sorting out running orders and throwing around some new ideas for the site as it develops in the coming weeks and months.

One of those ideas will appear very soon – a little survey page aimed to find out just what you like or don’t like about Literally Stories and to give you, our authors and readers the chance to feedback on things that you would like to see included so watch out for that one. And if you can’t wait that long then leave a comment or click on Your Thoughts right now!

We are also considering themed weeks. Weeks given over specifically to a single genre – that is still in the planning stage and it would be interesting to know what you think. Use the comments box to let us know.

Here at Literally Stories we are having great fun with our images. All the story images are from our own collections of photographs or those of Simon Bloomer who has given us permission to use his fantastic work. The brilliant artwork dotted throughout the site is from the super talented Angela and Studioanjou. However, we must draw your attention to the image accompanying the story The Gully by Richard Ardus. Richard sent us an image of the site of the drama that inspired his heart wrenching story of childhood loss. If you have an image that is suitable to accompany your story feel free to attach it to your submission, but, we can only use those images that you hold the copyright for so please confirm that you own the rights to any artwork or photographs that you would like us to consider.

We have other ideas in the pot cooking away so we hope that you’ll stick with us during the coming months as we develop and improve the site.

Next week we have some real gems for you so see you then.

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