Literally Stories – Week 5


Week 5 saw Literally Stories publish five Christmas themed stories. We started off with a beautiful, but different take on the nativity, Mary, Joseph and the Baby.  Tuesday was kind of a daze, a funny Christmas Daze that is. Wednesday saw us publish the wonderful story  The Lady in the Bauble which revisited a well known tale but gave it a very personal slant. . Thursday’s story was Season’s Greeting, where we witnessed a consultant losing hope of finding the Christmas Spirit. Finally the Friday story, Reminiscing, although not strictly  a Christmas theme it was all about family and how the current generation will be viewed in the future.

We will have a Christmas break over the next two weeks and be back 2015 but we will continue to read your excellent submissions during the break. Thank you for sending them in. Our readership has risen exponetially… exproportion… expotentally. It’s up.

We couldn’t have done it without you. When we started we set a goal for readers and submissions. We didn’t reach the goal for submissions, but we exceeded the goal for readers. So please keep sending in your short stories. All of us read every entry, guaranteeing a fair judgement.

Finally. Or you know, lastly in this news update, if you’re not so fatally inclined:

We are glad to announce the Story of the Week for 2014/12/08 – 2014/12/12.
And the drums were banging… Any Crow in the Storm by Nik Eveleigh!

The story is a comedy and a parody of the fantasy world. A character is aware of his insignificant role in the story, so naturally he tries to build himself up by using unnecessary dialogue. I know what you’re thinking. That’s sort of what this news story does, but also it’s hilarious. Why don’t you check it out?

To Nik we say, congratulations and hope we see Stormcrow in the future. We feel sure he is fated to meet very funny characters.

story of the week banner

2 thoughts on “Literally Stories – Week 5

  1. Hi Nik,
    Great stuff, loved it. Great patter, smashin’ phrases and brilliant names and all without a real plot, tremendous. There must be more, surely.
    All the best for 2015, to you and yours .

    Yours, SandY W.


    • All the best to you as well Sandy! Thanks for reading and for being part of the site. There are several more adventures to come and luckily none of that “plot” nonsense as it only gets in the way.


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