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Literally Stories – Week 1


We said we were going to put our feet up come the weekend. Heave a collective sigh. Have a lie in. Take the dog on a long walk.

We changed our minds. Decided Saturday was an opportune time to say thank you to our readers.

Thank you.

Literally Stories began the week with 8 WordPress followers and a handful of Facebook likes. It finished the week with 31 fellow WordPress folk keeping tabs on us and 56 Facebook ticks and in total 270 story reads.

It is, as they say, a good, solid start.

We hope to grow. Acorns and all that. But we don’t mind being small so long as the writing is good and the reading experience proves to be satisfying.

Next week sees us publish stories by authors from as far afield as England and Russia, South Africa, Sweden and the USA. Underlining our byline claim to publish ‘Short story fiction from around the world’.

Two stories that will appear in the forthcoming week were written by Literally Stories Editors, Nik Eveleigh and Tobias Haglund.

We thought we’d indulge ourselves. Get a few of our own favourite stories on the site before the Literally Stories offices are knee-deep in submissions and we have to tag onto the editing queue like every other potential author.

NOTE: Two of our Editors have already received the dreaded ‘Thank you but not on this occasion’ email.

So don’t be put off. Do keep on writing.

2 thoughts on “Literally Stories – Week 1”

  1. Hi, I’m glad you try to be international. You are indeed! Both “short story” and “English” belong to everyone now. Short story writers (and of course must do their best in order to maintain peace in the world. We can solve all problems by cooperating with each other. Warm regards – Sam Kandej!

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