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The Handicapped Man’s Desire by Hylas Maliki

A Somali father and his adult son were having the inevitable or even, penultimate, father-son talk in their living room somewhere in London.

‘Son, I think it’s time for you to get married. You’ve finished school, have started your career, and are settled enough to start a family. The time is right.’

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Bloodwork by Jamie Sheffield

The home-med stopped giving Alice her usual meds on Tuesday, and by Friday she was feeling unlike the person she’d been, unlike anyone she’d ever met or even heard about. The feelings were waves pushing a new tide ashore, erasing and redrawing the beach of her mind with each of a thousand pulses from an ocean she’d been unaware of until sometime on Thursday. She’d lain in bed Thursday night, drifting in a sweaty tangle of cotton, dangerous and terrifying thoughts banging noisily around inside her skull; Alice couldn’t decide if she was more scared that the new thoughts and feelings would continue or that they’d stop.

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