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In The Hills Of The Okanagan by Harrison Kim

When you’re crawling in the dark towards a desperate destination you can’t drink or drug, you can’t play the guitar, the goal is to duck under the barbed wire fence, under the surveillance and arrive undetected to attain your purpose. You’re crawling with a swede saw round your neck, and you’ve driven all the way from the Rockies, a giant circle travel to this vineyard once again.  To exact vengeance.  You’ve filled five weeks pruning grapes for nothing, with an oral contract signed by two voices, yours and the owners.  And the owner won’t pay.  After three weeks, he said the job wasn’t complete.  You knew it was. But you wanted the cash.  So you did the extra work.  Pruning the vines down to the nubs. You laboured two weeks more. And afterwards the owner sighed and said “the field must be weeded and the debris hauled away,” and you said “No.  That wasn’t in the contract.  I don’t have a pickup to do that”

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