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Roxxi by Susan Jean DeFelice

All day long is about Roxxi’s wants and needs.  Mrs. Lombard watches the sun stream through translucent curtains in her kitchen, feels a pliable breeze.  She reflects the day:  Roxxi believes there’s a syringe lodged in her cervix.  Mrs. Lombard and all the staff had laughed.  It’s crazy Roxxi’d say such a thing.  But here, comforted by early evening light enveloping her home, while Roxxi shoots heroin “made from tar and apple cider vinegar” (Roxxi reports) into her fifty-something veins, Mrs. Lombard’s thoughts on her reflective pedestal stream in like the light traveling through the kitchen: Well Roxxi is a product of the system. Yes she is an intravenous drug user.  But she is a product of The System that got her addicted in the first place.

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