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Bulls and Blood, Line and Lineage by Chitra Gopalakrishnan

“Wake up, rascals. See who is here,” trills our aunt Sivamathi.

Her high-pitched shrill vibrates off her tongue against her palate and pierces through our sleep.

“It must be Muttu, that rickety idiot, come to torture us with puzzles,” I guess.

With sunshine trembling on our eyelashes and seeping into our bodies, we two brothers continue to stretch ourselves lazily.

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All Stories, General Fiction

The Fire by Nicholas Higginson

The groaning and gibbering column of mourners stood over the small, still warm cat. All wept and shook save three. The old man, leaning slightly harder on his left side, looked only at the boy, his daughter’s son. The boy was silent also, though wore the look of the savaged. The third to keep from buckling to the emotion of the scene was the vet who had administered the barbiturates.

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