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Tom Sheehan

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When Titanic Drowned
A Half Century Come and Gone
Deadly Robberies
Receipt At Ogden’s Twist
The Shoe in the Wall, or Viola’s Place
Too Much Asia to Erase
V for Victor
The Knock on Ransom Kegler 
Man in a Pinch  
Brisling’s Code
Chornby and Leo the Blind Man
Hence the Half-way House and the Poet
The Town Without Butter 
Pulling Strings
Standing-to at Denby’s Creek
Mystery Gable of Knobby’s Nook
Dark Return
Mushrooms and Trolley Cars (Amanita Colyptraderma and Electric Street Cars)
Who Knows Who Lived in My House, Built in 1742, or Your House 
Two Fathoms Down
Rags By Tom Sheehan
A Cryptic Night for Halloween