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Tom Sheehan

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Flesh of An Unwanted Fish
A Secret Study of Jack Wilkens, Drunk
Fred Rippon’s Mushroom House
The Metal Box
Why Demigods Roam Alone
R&R in the Poconos by Tom Sheehan
Passion at High Elm
Home from the Dead
 Sly Promotion
No Edge to Glory
To the Brim and Back
 The Salting
A Dreamt Preface for a Reading at Nahant Library 
The Roomer 
Send Galabicus 
The Saugus at Odd Hours, Odd Times
Just Plain Hard Work Of Ages, Work Of Comets
Yakima Escapades
One Prisoner Too Many
Caught Wearing the Rags of War
Lone Dog amid Apple Seeding
Blue Glacier Beer
Stranger on the Gradient
Recall and Reveille
The Bannion Interlude 
The Story of My Hometown, Saugus, Massachusetts
Shindig, Shivaree and Hellfortootin’ Honeymoon Time
Never Come Home 
Malaise and Benediction
Almost Rickshaw
Face of the Mountain 
Tylen Brackus
The Duke’s Black Bag
Top Secret 
Black Bird of Prey, the Death Ship
Out of the Universe Endlessly Calling
Once Screamed to Drunks at the Vets Bar, Memorial Day Evening
Rough Immersion
The Ice of Old Lily Pond
It’s All in the Maul
Scrawleg and the Turban Man
Silent Retrieval
Odyssey Of A French Swordsman
Hobie’s Sugar Still
Cohort Retirees
This Old House
Temporarily Unemployed
The Code Master
A Psalm for Eddie
Cold Night’s Dark Advances
A Salutation to My Saugus, Embassy of the 2nd Muse
From an Appalachian Peak, a Small Red Star for Me and My Father
Smoker’s Holiday 
Hard-pressed My River Is
 A Little Red Wagon, a Long-remembered Face III
 The Quiet, Empty Bedrooms of Saugus
The Last of the Roses
Strange Encounter
Too Lonely for Dying
The Impeccable Diver at the Pond
The Fair and Dear Damsel in Distress – Adult Content
The Thursday Night Woman – Adult Content.
 Standing in the Rain to Wash the Sins Away
The Vet
A Saddle in the Desert. 
Loaves of Life 
The Edge of Dreams 
Midwife Legacy 
The Lady has a Following 
The Softest Hands 
Flashing Mirrors at a House Built in 1742 
Burial of a Dark Charger 
Whispers in the Grass
The Long Way Home 

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