Sheehan, Tom


Sheehan served in the 31st Infantry, Korea 1951-52, graduated Boston College in 1956.  Books are Epic Cures; Brief Cases, Short Spans; Collection of Friends; From the Quickening; The Saugus Book; Ah, Devon Unbowed; Reflections from Vinegar Hill; This Rare Earth & Other Flights, He’s published 28 books, including western collections The NationsWhere Skies Grow Wide and Cross Trails from Pocol Press, and Six Guns, Inc., by Nazar Look and three titles issued in 2016, … The Cowboys, Swan River Daisy and Jehrico. Has  multiple work in: Rosebud, Literally Stories, Dm du Jour, Danse Macabre, Linnet’s Wings,Serving House Journal, Eclectica, Copperfield Review, La Joie Magazine, Soundings East, Vermont Literary Review, Literary Orphans, Indiana Voices Journal, Frontier Tales, Western Online Magazine, Provo Canyon Review, Vine Leaves Journal, Nazar Look, Eastlit, Rope & Wire Magazine, The Literary Yard, Green Silk Journal, Fiction on the Web, The Path, Faith-Hope and Fiction, The Cenacle, etc. Submitted are Valor’s Commission, Keating Script, and three collections.

He has 16 Pushcart nominations, and five Best of the Net nominations (one winner) and short story awards from Nazar Look for 2012- 2015, and a Georges Simenon Fiction Award. He is 2016 Writer-in-Residence at Danse Macabre Magazine in Las Vegas.


Swan River Daisy
River Water Larceny
Driving on the Sausage Run
Farenheit,Electricity and a Flexible Flyer
The Mount Carmel Raid
Last Call For a Loner
John and Andrew, Philanthropists
Long-Haul Driver
Evan Stalworth’s Wealth of Words
Notes Pinned on a Returnable Container
The Chocolate Kid
Skink, the Town Drunk
Letter to the Lost
Michael and the Final Fix
Decisions on the Ipswich River
Code Blue
The Craterville Catastrophe
The Tale of Trot and Dim Johnny
The Catch of the Day
Last Look
Plumbeck the Fiddler
Reflections Aft
Comet With a Nasty Tale
Silas Tully, Mechanized
Knickers On The Loose
Beau Geste Murtaugh, Veteran of Wars
Eddie Smiledge, Houseman
Meeting Max Cargo
The Recovery
The Boy Who Dug Worms at Mussel Flats
The Back Side of Sight
Leaving for Viviers
The Hermit of Breakheart Woods
The Lobster That Wouldn’t Sleep
A Soldier’s Crusade
The Innocence of a Lakeside Interruption
Death in the Shadows
Comes a Prisoner Bound in Rags
Retaliations Soft Reply
 The Boatyard Gang 
Two Characters Caught up in Shantytown
Gunter Garth
Chapter Reaching for a Novel Part 1
Chapter Reaching for a Novel Part 2
Braelin Cordelis
From One War to Another without Choice
At a Loss for Words

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