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Sunday Whoever

Now a chance to get to know one of our wonderful authors in more depth.

This time it is the turn of Rachel Sievers who has been with us since 2021 and if you haven’t had a look at her stories, now is the time.

We sent Rachel our list of carefully considered and in-depth questions to discover just what makes her tick. Fascinating:-

– What topic(s) would you not take on?
– How many friends and family ask how your writing is going?
– What in your opinion is the best line you’ve written?
– Will you ever go Woke with your writing and use pronoun / non-descript characters and explore sensitive issues in an understanding and sensitive way?
– Type something surprising.
– Do you see something different in a mirror that others don’t when they look at you?
– What would you like to like as you hate that you hate it?
-Do you regret having a certain item published?
-Do you have a work that has been repeatedly rejected that still means a lot to you?
-What percentage of their time do Dogs spend thinking about having their chins scratched?
Thank you
The LS team.


And here we are Rachel’s responses.

What topic would you not take on? 

Things I find boring. There are only a few things I find boring; and they mainly include meetings that could have been an email. Now, that I write that I really want to write a short story about a meeting that could have been an email. 

How many friends and family ask about your writing?

As many as I have shared with. I have a great support group but I don’t often share that I write with too many people. Writing is like standing naked on stage while performing yoga, it’s quite revealing. I would find naked yoga more awkward in front of close friends and family than strangers. 

The Best line You’ve written?

a.     This woman knows how to polish a turd. 

Will you ever go woke and use pronoun/non-descript characters and explore sensitivity in an understanding and sensitive way?

Some of my previous story characters explore sensitive topics. One I am proud of is actually the first story I had published on Literally called, “Paper Lined Tables.” I believe a good story is a good story regardless of who the characters are and what they like to do. That being said, if I can write something well and tell a story that is true, why would I not write it?

Write Something surprising

I hate the taste of watermelons but have always wanted to get in a watermelon seed fight. 

Do you see something different in the mirror than what others see? 

I have a million different ways I see myself and I am sure that people see a few of those ways as well. 

What would you like to like as you hate to hate it?

The passage of time and carbs. 

Do I regret anything published?

Of course, but never at the moment. I hope that I am always growing and learning so that I am always a little embarrassed of my past self. Stagnancy is a fate worse than death. 

Rejected work that means a lot?

I have a novella that is important to me that I haven’t found a home for. I love the girl, she needs her story told but I probably need to do a better job of telling it before it is ready to be published. 

What percentage of their time do dogs spend thinking about having their chins scratched?

My dog is way less concerned about scratches than the toast I am currently liking to like as I hate to hate it. 

Rachel Sievers

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay – Question mark inside a light bulb on a black background.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Whoever”

  1. Interesting to learn more about this fine writer. Believing that “Stagnancy is a fate worse than death” is a good motivator. I had watermelon seed fights when I was a kid. Not as much fun as it may sound.

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  2. This was a real disappointment. No “Where will you be in five years” or “What is you favorite color”. I was asked something sometime, but I can’t remember what. I’m old. Some good questions “Why do you keep doing things that causes your cat to draw blood”, or “How surprised was your mother when she found out someone was living with you”.
    I can’t express how much I like to dislike the hatred that I don’t have for the Q and A.
    There is probably more, but even I have limits on the amount of smartass commentary I can deliver. You have found clever writers giving clever answers to the well know LS bizarre hilarity.

    Liked by 2 people

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