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Literally Reruns -Time to Change by Ceinwen Cariad Haydon

Leila has chosen this story for good and honourable reasons – of course she has but – also – there’s a bit of name envy going on!!! – This is what she said:

Usually a story tells of the Big Event, be it either good or bad. Usually, and this is probably telling of our species, it is the bad that most readers like to read about. Ceinwen Cariad Haydon’s Time to Change is a quiet and subtle version of the Big Event. It comes on like a sigh within the author’s simple and effective prose, and one must examine one’s own reaction to it, for this Big Event isn’t truly black or white.

Although the following will have no touch of subtlety, how’s Ceinwen Cariad Haydon for a writer’s name? Seriously, I adore it for the lovely way it sounds on the page. It makes Irene Leila Allison sound like a Yoko Ono song played backwards in an echo chamber. This is hardly a Big Event, is extremely irrelevant and is only appears for want of something to fill my habitual second paragraph with. Consider this a palette cleanser as to allow you to savour Time to Change all the better.

  1. Do you believe that women, despite all modern social advances, are still affected emotionally by the long standing male dominated society to the degree that even seeming selfish choices are influenced by how they will affect a man?
  2.  How do you pronounce your first name? I like it much.

Leila Allinson

Ceinwen’s response:

  • My name – it is Welsh (my father was Welsh) and it is pronounced kine-wen.
  • Women have been conditioned from childhood to take primary responsibility for the emotional and psychological well-being of their partners and their wider kinship group. This concentration on ‘other’ occurs to the extent that we can find it hard to focus on our own welfare without feeling guilty or self-absorbed. I think that there needs to be a re-balance. These behaviours encourage men to be lazy in these areas. Worse, they can damage our health and limit our potential.


Time to Change

2 thoughts on “Literally Reruns -Time to Change by Ceinwen Cariad Haydon”

  1. Thank you for your story, time and response, Ceinwen. Somebody once brought a native Welsh map to work. The words sound lovely, but all those strangely laid W’s and D’s sprained my eyes.


  2. Hi Leila,
    You continue to get the best out of all the writers with your questions.
    To ask a decent question, you need to have a genuine interest.

    We are so happy that you took part in this – It gives us all more of an idea on your outlook.


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