Week 182 – Hated Things, Freedom Of Speech And Mixed Emotions

Here we are at Week 182.

Our process was my inspiration this week, well sort of, I did go off on a few tangents so no change there.

When we read all the submissions, it makes us realise what we like, enjoy, what we dislike and what annoys us. And I am not talking about the writing, (…Well!) I’m talking about the subjects and what they make us consider.

There are a few things that I truly hate.

The list includes; doors that don’t stay shut, The Royal Bank Of Scotland, Bluebottles, olives, Bieber, Rom-Com Films, tonic water, mobile phones, Politicians, Politics, religion, Romance Novels, adverts, Turtle Necks, Pandas, Dandelion And Burdock, Reality TV, children and working.

I was asked on Tuesday if I thought I’d ever be happy doing my job. I stated that I wouldn’t. I would always do the best I could but someone needs to pay me to be there, so the relationship is insulting from the start.

I think this is the same when it comes to your relationship with your government. You pay them and they take from you, so how the fuck can you be happy?

This is a crappy tie-in but the reason I mention this is our government is fucked at the moment. And do I give a cats cock, no I don’t! My thoughts and those like me don’t matter.

I visited Toronto many years back and I actually loved the passion that folks talked about their city, their situation, and what was happening in their district and their country. They felt involved and a part of any decision making.

I’m a wee bit different. What I vote for doesn’t mean a fuck. What I think, doesn’t mean a fuck. What I see doesn’t mean a fuck. What I go through doesn’t mean a fuck. I can’t make a difference.

I remember an old Primary School Teacher, the legend that was Jim Gardiner, once stated about us being able to get on our soap box, in our High Streets and voice our opinions, he thought this was a good thing…it is, but then he asked, ‘Who listens?’

Our Government is in turmoil due to us leaving The European Union. The criminally overused word is ‘Brexit’ and only once will I type it, as it, to me it is now as repellent as ‘I like to lick children’. (…As lollipops. I want to go for cannibalism more than anything…Well, you know!)

I reckon our Government should really go down the Suicide Pact (Is that capitalised?) road and we all should get behind them and encourage them to do so. They can blame their demise on them making an arse of things more than them being found out as thieves, liars or partakers in other unsavoury activities.

I just wonder if in one, ten or a hundred years time anyone will have the balls to write about this fuck up. The sad thing is there will probably be stories but no facts.

Oh, and I don’t think that anyone in the know will ever have the conscience to write about the silence regarding the ‘Westminster Scandal’. And the sadder thing is there won’t even be stories. If you think other Countries can conspire to silence, you haven’t seen anything until it involves the British Hierarchy.

That’s what happens when you have to tip your hat, you are abused and murdered by those who make the system.

I have an idea to make things better. It may be a bit out there and radical but here goes…Why don’t we let Trump take over Britain? He couldn’t make more of a cunt of things than the mutants that we have, have already done.

That’s my political commentary over. I will now go back to not giving a cats cock!

OK, onto our stories. We really did have a wonderful mix-match this week. I think these stories are as good an example of the diversity that we publish.

We had four new writers this week and one legend.

To all our débutantes, we welcome them, hope they have fun and a long association with us and as always, send us more of their work.

The topics included; eating words, eventual success, an unwanted relationship, an interesting walk and either a dream or reality.

Our initial comments follow.


We began the week on a Monday – Funny that!

Daun Daemon was first up with ‘The Literal Gormand‘.

‘This reads like a fable about compulsion.’

‘Fun and spooky to read.’

‘The thoughts of words being tasteless is clever.’


Bryan Okwesili was next up on Tuesday with ‘A Frog’s Home Is Called A Pond.’

‘There was a very honest feel to this.’

‘The descriptions are vivid.’

‘The story is familiar but this is fresh and interesting.’


Wednesday followed and our third newbie was Emma Dahlsten with ‘Tender Kentucky.’

‘I was transported to both the bus and the cold road.’

‘You are left with a mystery, you think she’ll be fine but you aren’t sure.’

‘The small mention of her being a bit on the side added another level.’


And to break up all these wonderful new writers, we have a wonderful old hand. Mr Fred Foote was next up with ‘A Dream Lover‘ which is his 46th story for us. He has only four to go to join the fifty club!!

‘Lovely pace and rhythm and a whole heap of sexy weirdness.’

‘A touch of madness, sensuality and wonderful wordage.’

‘This could be a manifestation or a multiple personality situation – Either way it works beautifully.’


And our last new person finished us off on Friday.

Bob Miller completed the week with his story ‘Dust‘.

‘Boy did she not want to stay with him!’

‘Quirky and it really makes you think.’

‘I began by thinking it was about compulsion but the ending turned it all into a clever comment on barriers.’


For a change – No mucking about to end with!

I couldn’t finish this post without mentioning the saddest and happiest story of the week.

It is a testament to grit and determination to read that all those boys and their coach were rescued from the cave in Thailand.

Saman Gunan helped make this happen and didn’t die in vain. If there is a heaven Saman’s soul is surely there.


Banner Image: Palace of Westminster – Pixabay.com

10 thoughts on “Week 182 – Hated Things, Freedom Of Speech And Mixed Emotions

  1. A great editorial this week only because it highlights many of my views on the political ineptitude that floats around me, in the soup of decay so to speak, don’t worry this is not a political rant – who me rant?

    I enjoyed this week’s selection, although only managed to comment on one, ‘Kentucky’, time constraints and all that.

    Look forward to next week’s batch.


    • Thanks so much James.
      I think there are more people who feel this way regarding our politicians.
      Guy Folks was a terrible man…The useless prick got caught!!!!!
      All the very best my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Please keep *****. I saw a tweet demanding $30 million to get him back. I think we could raise that much not to get him back.


    • Hi Doug,
      He is only fifteen miles from where I live.
      But I wouldn’t want to keep him. Could you imagine seeing that hair of a morning?
      Check out a picture of the 80’s group ‘A Flock Of Seagulls’, he must still be a fan!


      • Hugh –
        Nike (our local huge designer of shoes made in Asia) had a one hit runner thing in Portland a few years ago. A Flock Of Seagulls, Devo and some other groups performed. A major disappointment in that the ‘Gulls had more or less normal hair.
        I have some ‘Gulls recordings on my computer as a part of my huge collection.


  3. France rumbles against Croatia tommorow for the first time since World War 1. My level of interest there is as low as my desire to conjugate a Klingon verb.
    Judging by the level of outrage in social media, I guess the Donald tried to slip Liz the tongue. Sorry about that. Good stuff this week. Glad to hear that you are your profane self.


    • Hi Leila,
      The thought of Liz and Donald doing the nasty is as repellent as the same thoughts on Thatcher and Reagan!
      But maybe not just as awful as a very repellent foursome!! You really wonder who would use a strap-on?
      Regarding the football, I will shout for Croatia as my workmates friend is a Croat and he made me some amazing venison stew. I suppose that is as good a reason as any!
      Thanks as always!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Dave,
      Are you sure they are ‘not so bad’? I think they are just being sneaky. It’s a plot and a ploy for us all to become enamoured and for us to be conned into buying bamboo patio furniture and then the invasion will begin!
      Pandas, David Copperfield and Danish Pastry all need to be watched!


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