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Literally Stories – Week 63 – Inspiration


OK folks, me again. Mr West is getting intimate with his new computer and has asked that we give him a few weeks to get settled. To me, new computers are the same as old computers, I hate them all. That’s because, they hate me. They do things that have never been seen before and for whatever reason they know just when to crash. Like, when I’ve just written that 3000 words of text and just been about to save. They know when I’m at my most vulnerable. They know to slow down when I’m in a hurry. And more importantly, they know when to throw me into a porn site when I am trying to show my mum something she would like on Ebay. I hate the fecking things and I wish Adam all the best as these necessities are the devil’s spawn!!!

I’m going to go with the stories first and then the tie in!!

OK, Monday we had a very privileged read with Adam pitching in with his intelligent, futuristic and question asking ‘Joe Carter‘… More please Mr West!

Dylan MacDonald was up on Tuesday and his subtle story of a delusional problem was a very well constructed and thoughtful tale. She Has brown Hair, Brown Eyes And Freckles was a joy to read.

On Wednesday we had our own Nik with one of the most difficult things to do well, a spoof. But he handles this with an ease that makes us all jealous with his A Shaggy Crow Story.

Adam Kluger is becoming a resident feature who we are more than happy to have. The Swamp Tour is sharp, funny and clever.

This brings us to me with Eddie which was a look at an own persons acceptance and what they were willing to do to get there.

Now I am not going to bore you with another plea but there are still three of us editors here this week. Granted, last weeks plea was more for next week and next week we are looking reasonable so maybe the last weeks plea has worked. But in accordance, same thing… SEND US YOUR STORIES!!!!!!!

Anyways… Yeeha!! 63!! I have something to write about 63 and inspiration. My sister was born in ’63. Strange that we used to write ’63 and it was assumed that this was 1963 but I suppose that has changed now. Well not really, only for 01 through 16. Fecking millennium!! Anyway that was some year. President Kennedy was assassinated by Mr Oswald – For all our American readers I would be very interested on your take on that. Was Oliver Stone correct in some of his assumptions? Anyhow, I would never dip my toe in another nations politics but I will only say that this tragic event inspired one of my favourite songs EVER. Marvin Gaye’s version of ‘Abraham, Martin And John’ should be required listening for everyone. So my sis was born in that year and as everyone of that age says, they all know what they were doing when President Kennedy was killed. (For example – My dad was going on night-shift. My mum was looking after my sister. My sister was crying and soiling herself) So to Tracy, I would say, everyone knows something about the year that you were born!! Even more so now!!!

Now that is not the only thing that has been playing on my mind this week. We have just gone past the 29th of February, the day that bombs out the poor male souls proposing and puts it on you ladies out there. Fair enough. But in the name of the wee man, if anyone, male or female wants to write about this, please do it with either your tongue in your cheek, your knife sharpened or your irony ironic!! Sorry folks but I still need to be swayed on romance!!!

Now we are in March and I thought on March Hare Madness. This is also apparent. Please folks if you are not from Britain, check out any news bulletins on the report of the sickest man in British history, one James Saville. Oh, my mistake, he was once Sir James Saville – Our establishment saw fit to knight the freak. He did what he did. He got away with what he did and the judgement has just come in stating that some low-level and mid-management of the BBC knew what was happening. Seemingly no high-level management were aware of his shenanigans. Now I may have fallen off the naive tree and hit every naive branch all the way down, but even then I would doubt this to be true. The BBC is a big part of our establishment as is Westminster which is also being investigated. Please guys, pick up your pens and use this as inspiration for the biggest fantasy story ever, it’s a doozy!!!

(I may get into trouble for all that but sod it. It is disgusting what has happened! And the cover-up from the establishment is beyond that!)

All that I have mentioned inspires. Years, events and to a minuscule extent, romance. We have been so happy to see some more submissions this week and we will get to you all in due course. As I have tried to point out in the above post, inspiration comes from many areas, never be afraid to write where it takes you!!! Shock us. Make us think, ‘Can we publish that?’ And please give us the ‘They have a point’ idea that makes us not only want, but need to publish. Go for it folks, piss someone off and give us all a cracker to read!! I mean, you can always get away with murder under the heading of ‘FICTION’



2 thoughts on “Literally Stories – Week 63 – Inspiration”

  1. Good one, Hugh! Computers eh? Can’t live with ’em… Can’t watch porn without ’em. I guess you can, but not while simultaneously bidding on that fancy chair on Ebay.
    ATVB my friend


    1. Thanks Tobias, I don’t think we should go down the porn road! As upstanding members of this site, none of us would know where to start. (I may need to exclude ?????)


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