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Literally Stories – Week 39



What do you get if you combine a sagacious Swede with a wayfaring Welshman then add a mercurial Massachusettian to a canny Croat and for good measure finish by blending in a bold Brit?


Week 39 at Literally Stories of course!

It all began at the beginning. Monday that is.

Lots of S’s. Goran Sedlar. Sensational satire! Say…no…more.

Oh go on then; Silent Treatments.

Welcome to LS Goran. Hope to see you back here soon.

Next time you are about to splat a mosquito on the back of your neck just pay heed to a well known Welsh axiom: Never splat a mosquito on the back of your neck. The Culex Experiment won’t have many volunteers signing up for its punishing training schedule but it was a runaway success with LS readers.

There’s tidy Mr. Eveleigh!

This week’s prize for well-isn’t-that-an-intriguing-story-title? goes to Tom Sheehan with Driving on the Sausage Run.

Whilst the wheels on his minibus go round and round driver D’Espirito “Dez” Carmine keeps his eye trained on the road and his ear tuned in to his regulars day-to-day life stories. It all adds up to something far more than skin-deep, which said provides a perfect link to Thursday’s story.

The Counselor got more than he bargained for when he failed to see beyond the slow-tempo jazz. The 50’s iconography and a too easy pick-up. Yes she is a pretty young woman but maybe Tobias Haglund’s protagonist, David, would do better than to check himself out in one of the bar’s swanky mirrors before he takes Yasmin back to her place?

If he had taken Louis Hunter’s advice; a Table For Four then he might have heard something to his advantage. Or not. Stories are well, stories aren’t they, so sit back and let the man speak. Franz Kafka would have approved of Louis’ style no doubt and we at LS certainly gave a big thumbs up to our second newcomer this week.

Welcome Louis. A fine story.

I am not going to do my usual thing and make a song and dance about the winner of this week’s Story of the Week competition. Wow you with a string of poorly strung puns. I am simply going to say congratulations to, Darlene P. Campos.

Congratulations Darlene.

Darlene’s it-begins-with-a -road-trip story about Native American friends on their way to a shindig , Pow Wow Travels, carried off The Last of the Literally Stories Wampum.

story of the week banner

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