Literally Stories Week 26


This weeks literary litany of the talent on show at Literally Stories is brought to you in a random round-up style and begins with Monday and Thursday’s stories.

The whereabouts of Nipsey in Looking for Nipsey, and Mrs. Mattison in, Mrs. Mattison, were only marginally more transparent when Week 26 drew to a close.

dm gillis and LS newcomer Jeff Burt told very different stories, equally compelling in their own right.

On Tuesday Ossie Durrans found a good home for a bunch of retired donkeys and also made it a happy ending for Dora.

Angels (no longer available on LS), it seems, really do exist…

Coffee and Coble cake were far easier to digest on Wednesday than a paper napkin and a dodgy download when Adam West entertained a keep-net full of Educated Fishwives.

Another LS newcomer, Michael Henson, kept us all on Stand-By on Friday, in a tense tale that was no flight of fancy.

Welcome to both Michael and Jeff.

Before I move on to important announcements, here is a (short) random interlude…


Thank you.

Sunday, LS Editor, Hugh Cron gets first dibs in the LS library, selecting his three favourite stories published to date on the site, in Editor Picks.

Expect more Editor Picks soon and maybe an invitation, too, to make your own choice of the best of Literally Stories

Second equally momentous announcement of the week.

The race to become this week’s top canine in the epic that was previously a classic that holds pretensions to cult status, but is in fact merely a poll to determine who will enter the hallowed side-bar Menu slot known as Story of the Week, went, not for the first time, to the wire.

Votes were counted and verified, recounted and reverified and when all was said and done Tobias Haglund received another gong, this time in respect of his haunting tale, A Night in Vienna.

More Sir! More! Bravo Sir! Bravo!

If you want your say in who joins Mr. Haglund on the resplendent Literally Stories podium then place your virtual X alongside one of the following:

story of the week banner

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