Literally Stories Week 10



Since we started Literally Stories last year we have been having a wonderful time.  Adam, Hugh, Nik, Tobias and myself have spent hours, days, actually probably weeks, not only setting up our pretty website – which incidentally we are very proud of, but reading and discussing the stories submitted for consideration.

There have been some that we have loved, immediately and without question and all we have had to do is a quick re-format to make them work on our pages and choose a fun and relevant header image.  There have been some that we have felt were not right for us for various reasons and then sadly we have had to send the horrible rejection emails (sorry).  Then there are the ones, and no I’m not going to tell you which ones they were, which caused, debate, discussion, dissection and now and again just a bit of pouting!!!

We’ve loved it and we hope you have enjoyed the ones that have made it through.

We are in trouble though.  We need more stories.

At the very beginning we agreed that the main criteria was quality, yes we are all amateurs (well apart from Dai Swede but he’s well – you know – frequently Swedish!) but we felt confident that we could choose stories that would entertain, possibly shock, hopefully amuse and would make you think.  I hope we achieved that.

In the few months since our first post we have received 64 stories from outside authors and of those we have chosen to publish just 21 and we have 1 still pending.  We have submitted, from our own back catalogues and from new writing 45 and of those we have published 27 the rest were rejected but we remained friends!

It’s not really sustainable.  We want to take a back seat, we want YOUR stories.  Although we love to see our work in print that wasn’t the plan.  So, please if you want to help to keep us going (and I do hope that you do because we really value the interaction with you all) then send us your work.  We can’t promise to publish it but we can promise that we will read it, we will debate and discuss it (unless it’s one of the shoo ins!) and hopefully we will give it its time in the limelight.

At the moment we are faced with winding up the site at the beginning of March if we don’t get more submissions.  So, if you have had fun visiting and reading help us to keep going.  Send us your stuff.

All that is left really is to say that of the wonderful stories from last week the most votes went to Bobby Aspergers by Steve Wright and I for one am not the least bit surprised – Was it a shoo in – Ah now, that would be telling.


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3 thoughts on “Literally Stories Week 10

    • June we don’t want just new writers – we want stories, lots and lots and lots of stories from our lovely regular authors and hopefully some new ones. Send us anything that you would like us to consider and we promise we will read it.


  1. Hi Diane, just read your posting. As you know I had quite a few stories on Shortbread and can send in ten or twelve, plus a few more I was waiting to send in. I understand the criteria, and won’t be upset if you don’t want to publish all (or any). I’ll get to it in the morning. All the best. Des

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