McLean, Jess N

Jess N. McLean was born September 13, 1930, in Quanah, Texas. Father passed away when he was only 5 with two brothers 11 and 2 years old. Mother struggled earning a living and single parenting.  All attended college for some period, none graduated. All served in the service during Korean War, Bill in the Air Force, Jess in the USMC and Fred in the Paratroopers.

Jess was trained in electronics at Fort Monmouth N.J. and after discharge entered the field of computers in 1954. He worked in all areas of computers from design, manufacturing, Field Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Consulting and management, retiring in 1992 after some 40 years of learning, loving the work, travel, and meeting others involved.

Jess has publish three previous books, available on

One was a Regimental history of the 13th Mississippi Infantry, Barksdale Brigade Confederate Army. Memorializing 1,732 soldiers lives from induction through the war until the last one died in 1936. An in-depth chronology of the personal records of over 1,300 soldiers of that regiment.

THE OFFICIAL RECORDS OF THE 13th MISSISSIPPI: as told by those who were there.

-The second one was another in depth research work memorializing the lives of some 7,000 Comanche Indians born between 1830 and 1930, “Comanche Families”

– And the third was “Mike Mosiello, The man The music and The memories.” A personal and professional biographical documentation of a top trumpet player from the 1920s through the 1940 recording some 4,000 78RPMs with all the top musicians of that period.

Jess and his wife of 67 years have two Children: Theresa and Jesse Jr. and two grandsons Jesse III and Lucas.


Who are those people?  Faces, Frozen in time and Space, “ON MY WALL?” – Saturday Special – coming soon