Eveleigh, Nik

Nik is a Welshman living in South Africa. In 2013, after several years of entertaining a faithful single-digit flock of followers on his blog he started writing short stories and became suitably addicted. He has no set style or genre – what comes out is what comes out – but he tries to waste as few words as possible when telling a tale.

The demands of trying to work full time, be a reasonable dad to two wonderful children and be a decent husband to an equally wonderful wife has led to a curtailment of many of his hobbies but he tries to find time to run and brew beer (not always in that order) in between all the writing, reading and editing stuff.

His life’s work and more can be found here

His submissions to Literally Stories are:

A Gift For Cheyenne

Any Crow In A Storm

Crouching Feline, Hidden Lobster

Midas Brown

A Few Dead Men

Kill Switch 

The Old Man In The Park 

Ella’s Ghost

Tobias Haglund In conversation with Nik Eveleigh

Reinventing Amy

Only Rock And Roll


The Culex Experiment

In Flight Memory

Good Night, Good Luck and Good Love


Gastro The Great

The Adamant Carbonisation Of Henry Spiller

The Generation We Lost

A Shaggy Crow Story

The Water’s Edge

Word Puppet 

And A Crow In A Pear Tree

Car Crash Television 

A Single Grain Of Salt