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Literally Reruns – The Roomer by Tom Sheehan

It’s the little moments that make it for most stories. Tiny reverberating bits of truth mingling with equally small dreams. Something as simple as taking a boarder can make for a story, as Tom Sheehan shows us today with The Roomer.

The tale flows along effortlessly, simply. But there are little moments that fill the spaces and it all resolves to the satisfaction of the reader and hopefully the writer and his people as well.

Q: Have you ever stayed in a rooming house? If so (or, if not) was one the source for this idea?

Q: Are both (or either) Augustus or Gladys based on people you know or have met?


Tom’s responses.

“No’ is the answer to both questions, but thanks for the re-run, I do appreciate it.


The Roomer

4 thoughts on “Literally Reruns – The Roomer by Tom Sheehan”

  1. Yes, I enjoyed the re-reading of this story. Both Gladys and Mr Emberly seem to get along very well. Of course, there is a tendency to have suspicions about Mr Emberly and Gladys is cautious. Underneath the words, as a reader I felt a a slight distrust and growing fearful tension, with the situation. Although the story indicates all is well between the characters, at the end doubt still lingered in my mind.

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  2. Another good story choice, Leila. The Rerun feature has really captured attention since Hugh first came up with the idea but without your input, it would have fizzled long ago. It would be nice to have more suggestions from outside the ‘office’ but I always look forward to your choices and insight. Thanks.

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