Walker, Townsend


Townsend Walker draws inspiration from cemeteries, foreign places, violence and strong women.

A collection of short stories, 3 Women, 4 Towns, 5 Bodies & other stories was published by Deeds Publishingin 2018. Winner of a Book Excellence Award, an Eyelands Award, a Silver Feathered Quill Award and a Pinnacle Award.

A novella, La Ronde was published by Truth Serum Press in 2015.

Over one hundred short stories have been published in literary journals and included in twelve anthologies.

Short Story Awards: two nominations for the PEN/O.Henry Award, first place in the SLO NightWriters contest. Four stories were performed at the New Short Fiction Series in Hollywood.

He reviews for the New York Journal of Books

During a career in banking, he lived in New York, Paris, London, Rome, and San Francisco and wrote three books on finance: A Guide for Using the Foreign Exchange Market, Managing Risk with Derivatives, and Managing Lease Portfolios.

His website is http://www.townsendwalker.com


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