Sheth, Selina

Selina Sheth is an author, journalist and screenwriter based between Mumbai and New Delhi, India. Her work has featured on platforms such as The New York Times, Scroll, The Wire, Arre, Open Democracy, The Daily Eye, Yoga Journal Singapore, Roli Books, Juggernaut Books, The Bangalore Review, Out Of Print, Nether Quarterly, The Woman Inc., Spillwords Press, Kitaab International (South Asia), Cosmopolitan India, Star Television, Sony Entertainment, Walt Disney India, Asia Business News, MTV Asia News and BBC World. Additionally, Selina is the co-creator and co-host of Mixed Roots and Offshoots, a forthcoming limited podcast series, and a Hatha Yoga therapist certified by The Yoga Institute, Mumbai.

Selina is currently working on her first novel.

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