Osgood, Antony

Tony lives a skimmed-stone’s bounce from Margate. His youth involved hauling coals to Newcastle: he worked in psychology, autism, disability fields, edited books, wrote chapters, articles, moved into academia. His first nonfiction book was published in 2000, his second is due March 2022. A short story, Haus des Meeres, was published by Blue Nib. A poem he wrote in a bread queue is in an anthology by Rare Swan, part of the 100 Words of Solitude project, exploring mental health and lockdown. Retiring early, he writes full time, and has almost completed his third novel. He still passes his time with little to show for it.


All my Darlings Waiting
Christmas Lights Icicle Frost
As If He Still Drives a Capri
Here Come Grandfather’s Goats
Gabby Gets Some Colour in His Cheeks
The Whole Me, the Whole She, the Whole Nine Yards
The Mother Dog
Keep Dancing
As Ever, the Nun