Mills, Todd Easton

Todd Easton Mills received his bachelor’s degree from Antioch
University. As a young man he defined himself as a traveler, working his
way around the world and supporting himself as a laborer, cook, and
teacher in faraway places like the Highlands of New Guinea. Now, with
his drifter days behind him, he lives comfortably with his Zimbabwean
wife in Ojai, California.

Mills co-wrote and produced the documentary film Timothy Learyʼs Dead.
His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Alabama Literary Review,
Amarillo Bay, Caveat Lector, Evening Street Review, Euphony, Rougarou,
Entropy Magazine, Fogged Clarity, The Alembic, Green Hills Literary
Lantern, Griffin, The Legendary, ONTHEBUS, Voices, The Coe Review,
Yellow Silk, AUSB Odyssey, Sage Trail, riverSedge, Teleport Magazine,
OxMag, Collage, Antiochracy, Forge, Jet Fuel Review, New Plains Review,
The Nonconformist Magazine, Crack the Spine, Storgy, Serving House
Journal, Barely South Review, Santa Monica Review, The Penmen Review,
Voices de la Luna, and in the anthology Poets on 9-11.


When Beauty is Convulsive – coming soon