Hipps, Ralph

image of the author Ralph Hipps sitting at his desk.

Ralph Hipps is a twenty-six year-old. Oh how the time has flown by. Twenty-six already. He lives in Harrogate in North Yorkshire. It’s one of those towns where there are lots of joggers. A keen keep-fitter, he jogs regularly, plays tennis biweekly, when he can, goes to the gym, and juggles four balls. He has in his possession: an old red laptop, a Nokia Smartphone, over a hundred books, a piece of blu-tack that he has shaped into a human hand, and other things. He is often worrisome, sometimes melancholic, and sometimes inspired. In short, Ralph Hipps is a twenty-six year-old writer who likes to keep fit, enjoys Scrabble, has various things in his possession, and also he has a Master’s in Creative Writing from Edinburgh University.