Gormley, Mark

After a short time spent sleeping on London’s Circle Line, as a child Mark toured the capital, staying in a succession of refuges, tents and narrowboats. Although traumatic, it was a time rich with experience and freedoms most don’t enjoy. Left to create his own life-map, he relied on nothing but hard-wired survival skills to get him through school, leaving with an O Level in Art and a handful of cardboard Sports Day medals.

Mark found therapy through an anarchic yet unsustainable lifestyle. After numerous shitty jobs and spells of unemployment, he cleaned up his act (a bit) and rediscovered a child-like wonder with the natural world – a connection that has ultimately been his saviour. He headed for the wilds of Cumbria, where he busked and played in local bars, before a virus with a household name had its way and a shocking end of an unhealthy relationship left him facing homelessness.

Mark loves to amuse himself and make sense of things, and has always kept a diary and scribbled on the back of envelopes; caught in the flow. Now with head and heart aligned, he writes in earnest, most mornings while it’s still dark.

Fifty Shreds of Gorac by Mark – https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B095L97SYB/


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