Barr, Alex

Alex Barr’s short fiction collection My Life With Eva is published by Parthian, and for children, Take a Look at Me-e-e! by Pont Books. His recent fiction has appeared in Tears in the Fence, The Lampeter Review, The Interpreter’s House, and The Last Line Journal, and is online at, Litro magazine, Samyukta fiction, Reflex Press, and His nonfiction has appeared recently in Griffith Review, The Blue Nib, and Sarasvati, and less recently in New Scientist. His poetry has appeared recently in Poetry Review, The MacGuffin, The Dark Horse, and Orbis. His poetry collections are Letting in the Carnival from Peterloo Poets and Henry’s Bridge from Starborn. Originally from Manchester, he now lives in West Wales.


Love? Don’t Make Me Laugh