Tuffin, Stephen

Stephen tuffinStephen is a creative writing teacher living and working in Swindon, Wiltshire. He has two creative writing degrees from Bath Spa University. So far, Steven has had the good fortune to have one or two of his stories published online as well as an extract of his fiction performed at the Bath Literature Festival several years ago. He loves to write ‘funny’, but doesn’t always feel that he succeeds.

Stephen is new to flash fiction but thinks it might well be the future, (in the same way Whitney Houston thought children might be back in 1985). He is currently working on his first collection called ‘A View from the Gasworks.’ a selection of short and flash fiction stories set on a council house estate in the 1970s. He recently gave a reading of one of the stories at a venue in Bath and has had another story, from the same collection, accepted for online publication.

Stephen is happily married (he was told to write that) and has been for 30 years. He has two excellent children, two wonderful cats and a first grandchild is imminent. Oh, also, he is 58 and plays FIFA 17 at World Class Level!


The Beguiling (1972)