Toews, Mitchell

Mitchell Toews lives and writes at Jessica Lake in Manitoba. When an insufficient number of, “We are pleased to inform you…” emails are on hand, he finds alternative joy in the windy intermingling between the top of the water and the bottom of the sky or skates on the ice until he can no longer see the cabin.
Mitch’s writing has appeared in riverbabble, Storgy, Fiction on the Web, Fictive Dream (Nov/2017), LingoBites, Red Fez, SickLit, Voices Journal, The Machinery, Work magazine, Occulum, Rhubarb Magazine, and CommuterLit. Details at his website,


Breezy and the Six -Pack Sneaker 
The Fifty Dollar Sewing Machine
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South of Oromocto Depths
The Business of Saving Souls
So Are They All 
Regrets de Foie Gras
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