Smith, Michael W

Michael W. Smith is a short story writer, musician and poet, hailing from Portsmouth in the south of England. From a young age, Michael wanted to be a musician. His heroes include Bob Dylan and Neil Young. Yet it wasn’t until he started writing his own material that his love of music and literature combined. This inspired him to take a course in English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Portsmouth, which he will finish in the summer of 2015.

Michael found his true calling in the second year of his degree, when he came across the works of the late Raymond Carver. Since then, Michael has been obsessed with the ‘American Short Story Masters’, Richard Ford and Tobias Wolff to name but a few.

His concerns as a writer include the hybridisation of English and American literature, taking the essence, the spiritual aura of American short story classics, and transposing that into a British setting. This has led him onto the study of American sub-culture’s, particularly post-war, and their relation to literature more generally, something he intends to take on into a Master’s Degree, after he graduates.