Sinclair, Alex

Alex Sinclair was born in Kent and grew up in South East London.

He developed a love for books at an early age, especially all the naughty adult stuff by Stephen King and Clive Barker that he would sneak off his mum’s shelf.

After making it through school by the skin of his teeth, he worked in the music industry for six years as a stagehand, a kind of underpaid and overworked donkey that can only be seen at midnight, as it is nocturnal.

He then relocated to South East Asia where, among other things, he has found employment of sorts as a tour guide, bartender and an English teacher.

He has now settled in Kampot, Southern Cambodia, with his long suffering girlfriend Jo, where he teaches online and writes.


Chicken Farm Blues 
The Scrapheap Centaur . Caution – Extreme Adult Content.
Punch drunk
Child of Smoke
Haunt Me Like You Hate Me
Cheap Tricks – Warning Adult Content
Paraffin Lamp – Warning – strong language and content that some readers will find upsetting
The Truth Will Set You Free
Dengue Fever