O’Connor, Mark

Mark o'connorMark is a doctor, polymath and maverick, who has spent a lifetime walking the other way, employing Machiavellian techniques to establish firm footholds on his greasy pole, where he lives atop, cocooned in a Walter Mitty world of his own fiction.

A Londoner by birth, he now lives amongst the rolling sand dunes of the Middle East dispensing medical advice to passing Bedouins.  Fooling everyone, but his long suffering wife, he has two grown up children and several ailing elderly relatives who rise in the dark hours to financially-first-feast, leaving him to eke out what’s left of his meagre salary on second hand pencils and recycled paper.

He loves writing. His first novel, about a psychopathic doctor, is looking for a publishing home, whilst avoiding police attention, and his short stories and poems float around the social ether.

He is delighted that the good people of Literally Stories have provided a haven and resting place for some of those.


The View from Above