Mukherjee, Piyali

From Ban10891438_10152651812418947_8935549695174578963_ngalore, India, Piyali admits she has been influenced by way too many sci-fi movies (and Asimov) in her childhood.

She is currently a third year engineering student at Columbia University, studying Computer Science and Applied Math, specializing in Artificial Intelligence and data science. She is a science fiction/linguistics enthusiast with a passion for good literature, anything Star Trek and Indian food. And also a part of Title IX Team (a student activist group that works to create a safe space for survivors of sexual assault.)

Writing, learning photography, analysing how robots are portrayed in popular culture, practising a machine voice (just to confuse Siri), creating lists (self-explanatory here), jamming out to melodic dubstep and (not-regularly) maintaining a blog are her favourite ways of procrastinating.



Unit 4207’s Failed Assignment

They Who Were Wordless.