Mills, Thomas

thomas millsThomas Mills has used a variety of writing skills throughout his professional career. Marketing plans, capital campaign publications and development collateral, strategic planning and ideation were his principle writing efforts. He had not tried writing speculative fiction until recently. Thomas has a wide scope of interests and his writing is evolving in numerous directions. His primary focus is science fiction. He is interested in contemporary topical issues and the human condition, themes he explores in two of his novels. Climate change and unsustainable industries (like fast food) are the basis of Thomas’s most ambitious efforts to date – “Forever Autumn” and “Dinotron.” Though he’s been a visual creator his entire life, writing has been an interesting, fulfilling and challenging new adventure. His latest work, in a series of ongoing writing projects, is the development of an adventure series for young readers entitled “Jett Ryder – Adventures in Space.” His goal is to draw young people into reading using dynamic visuals, key words, quotes, dialogue and limited narrative content.


Thomas began writing science fiction in 2017 to introduce his grandsons to new forms of creative self-expression. This led to a visual experiment for a space opera called “Terminal Quotient,” a new form of publishing inspired by graphic novels (He created the Graphic Tableau – a large-format, visually-striking story concept – see

“Forever Autumn,” “Scrimshaw” (both graphic tableaus) follwed in 2018. “Dinotron,” and “The Midas Mind” (novels) are presently in progress.

“The Ritualist” and “Kid Pro Quo,” are short story works in progress. Thomas began writing slightly dark urban humor under the pen name Vox Populi in 2019. “Neighbor” (flash fiction), “Flush,” “Devil’s Disciple,” and “Chicken Jumbo” (short stories) are included in an unpublished six-story compendium called “VoxPop.”

“Cicada” (flash fiction) was published in August 2018 by

“Parallax” (short story/graphic tableau) was recently submitted to a Writer’s Competition.

Thomas creates with abandon and encourages others to see the world differently through his writing and artistic explorations.

You can contact Thomas at º (Publisher: MillsIdeas)


Devil’s Disciple