McHardy, Simon

McHardySimon McHardy is an Australian archivist and historian. He has published numerous fantasy and horror short stories which have appeared in such publications as Jitter, Kzine, Devolution Z, Five on the Fifth, Scrutiny and 9Tales Told in the Dark. He is currently working on a short story compendium which will be completed in 2018.









“The Grey House”, Cyclopean e-zine#1 (Cyclopean Press, 2015)

“The Flames of Fthanggua”, 9Tales Told In The Dark #9 (Bride of Chaos, 2016)

“A Song of Crickets”, Devolution Z #9 (Moonriser Inc, 2016)

“The Lullaby”, Five on the Fifth #6 (Five on the Fifth, 2016)

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“The Lullaby”, (Penny Shorts 2017)



The Last Gift