MacDermott, Karl


A purveyor of purposeful purposelessness, Karl MacDermott, spends his days at home curating his memories, re-checking best before dates on items of food and monitoring spider webs in his bedroom.

Despite this busy schedule he does find time to write and over the years has had the odd thing produced (radio sit-coms on Irish radio and BBC Radio 4 and a comedy-drama series on Irish television, RTE) and published (satirical articles in The Irish Times and a comic novel ‘The Creative Lower Being’ in 2007).


Over the last few years he  has also had various articles appearing in such online magazines as Literary Orphans, The Big Jewel, Every Day Fiction and Pure Slush.

A second novel ‘Ireland’s Favourite Failure’ was released as an e-book in 2014 after the publication of his first novel sadly bankrupted his publisher who was last spotted in Paraguay in February 2012 on the run from his creditors.

Karl has one hobby. He collects thimbles. Being of a rather lugubrious nature this makes him a miserablist digitablist.

Hard Shoulder