Loard, Nina

Nina Loard lives to write about the adventure of love. She spends her time imagining brave, witty characters and all the ways that they can be challenged and tested. Though we all want a happy ending, where’s the fun in that? She thrills at making her characters work for it. Lately, she’s wondering if she isn’t slightly sadistic.


Nina has authored two books of The Skye Trilogy, an adventure-romance series centered around charismatic master-thieves, and is hard at work on the third. She has also published the collection, Neverlasting, including over 150 failed-love poems by 48 writers found within social media.

When she isn’t writing or pretending to write, Nina runs the popular Twitter writing-prompt @fieryverse and can be found there, shepherding a few hundred poems a day to her followers.


Story coming soon: A History