Lekhak, Vartika Sharma

LekhakSome people live in the world of the words and Vartika Sharma Lekhak is one of them. Writing helps her channelize the thoughts. Besides this, she loves to travel. For her, travelling is one of the most democratic activities as it broadens your horizon and makes one sensitive and tolerant about other cultures. The excellent map skills of her husband and the restlessness of their young daughter are a bonus.

Born and brought up in Delhi, India, she received some education as Masters in History and rest she is still trying to absorb through these explorations.

From the job of a tour guide, to a short stint in corporate sector and then the publishing house stop over, she pampers her versatility like a greedy child. Currently, she is testing her skills in Academics.

Born out of anguish over rampant rape culture in the society, her story ‘The girl with Sealed Vagina’ was widely appreciated. It won a story contest hosted by LitLive Fest in Mumbai. It is also published by the Women’s Web in its collection of nineteen inspiring stories – When Women Speak Up. The book is now available on Amazon.


The Girl with the Sealed Vagina