Kim, Harrison

harrison kim
Harrison Kim lives in Victoria, Canada.  He is on a five year writing plan. Basically this involves reminiscence fun and mind stretching, exploring how people find meaning and purpose in life, and where that can lead them, for the good or for the bad.
Harrison worked many years in the rehabilitation department of a Forensic Psychiatric Hospital.  He is writing memoirs and fiction that explore that time, and other life themes, incidents, and characters.
He has had work published or upcoming in Bewildering Stories, Hobart Pulp, Liquid Imagination, Fiction On The Web U. K.,  Aphelion and others. Harrison can be found at



A Major Error in Judgement 
Chess with Al
When Normal Becomes Real 
The Upside-down Push Up Busker
Breakfast At The Hospital for the Criminally Insane 
The Caiman Hide Boots
My  Investigation Into The Disappearance of Kyle Amito
Her Father’s Ghost
In The Hills Of The Okanagan
The Straight Road South
Crisis Line
Rocking In The Meaning (of the World) 
The Line Man’s Last Drive
Child at the Edge of the Wilderness
The Purpose of Screaming
Not Criminally Responsible
My Plea For Solitude
The Conscience Test
Deep Inside Woodwards
I Love You More
The Rabbit Man of Munyaka 
The Music of Lana Jardine 
The Entrepreneur of Chaos  
In the Land of the Salamander