Kelly, Desmond

Desmond Kelly is a writer by instinct, having created stories since his school days. Growing older has provided wisdom, with some explanation about the mysteries of life. However he is still curious, and fascinated by people and their motivation. He believes this enables him to become a better writer in a contextual sense.

He works in a variety of styles, and is influenced by many of the great writers of fiction and poetry. Although the last few decades have been devoted to creating a style of his own “for good or bad”.

His early literary successes were mainly in poetry, for small press magazines. For a time he wrote drama, with one play given a short run in a drama workshop. After this he began what he views as the dubious process of trying to get published as a mainstream author (with no success).

Over the years the material he has produced includes novels, long and short stories, with some poetry for balance. Some have been published in anthologies, with the vast majority appearing on the internet.

In the course of time he feels that his writing style has become adaptable which can mean no two stories are ever alike.


Snow on the Ground
Horses Riding in upon the Waves
Sleeping on the Beach
Red Ribbons 
Future Imperfect
A Charming Couple
Burnt Orange 
The Night
Bobby’s Shadow