Keeble, Lisa

lisa keeble.JPG
Lisa Keeble is a new author who turned to writing as a way of unleashing her inner child whilst trying to ignore advancing middle age. She would like to say that she has a style or a genre but, the fact is, she writes for the love of writing so one day you could be presented with witty tale of whimsy and the next a dark and twisted drama. She writes short stories in the hope that, one day, she’ll find a way of joining them altogether to create a best-selling book (did I mention she’s an optimistic sort of gal?)
Lisa is English but currently lives on the Cote D’azur in the South of France. At age 52 she’s a little late coming to writing but, as her previous 30 years were dedicated to being a pencil pushing, number cruncher  she’s  decided she deserves some fun.


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