Higginson, Nicholas

Nicholas Higginson is an English writer, who studied Comparative Literature at the University of Kent. He divides his time between the family home in the countryside, where he writes short fiction, and his house in the city, where he is currently working on his first novel. He has previously been published in The Garfield Lake Review.

Nicholas has now informed us that he has a book of short fiction available:

Peach Supreme is a collection of short stories and personal conversations by Donovan
Bridgeman and Nicholas Higginson. The stories see the authors tackle subjects such as
parenthood, mental health and damaged relationships, whilst the discussions examine
the personal histories of the authors and provide context for the prose. Honest, heartfelt
and often hilarious, the book celebrates both the craft of writing fiction and a deep and
loving friendship.

‘Like all of the greater relationships in my life, my relationship with Donnie is based on an
understanding that brutal sarcasm and incessant goading still leave room for honest and
intimate discussion’ — Nicholas Higginson

Available at http://www.etsy.com/shop/peachsupreme


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