Gonzales, Vanessa

author photo_vgonzalesVanessa Gonzales has an MFA in Creative Writing from Spalding University, Louisville, KY. She’s a freelance editor and avid traveler, living and working full-time in a vintage RV while exploring the U.S. Her work has appeared in U.S. and Canadian literary magazines, including Whitefish Review, Parting Gifts, and Pilot Pocket Book. Her fiction novel The Light in the Sound was published by Bread and Beauty in 2015. In fall 2018, her story collection Neon & Flamingo will be available from Indie Owl Press, and her middle-grade novel Mirabelle’s Manor will be available from ReadyAimWrite Publishing. Her work has appeared under both Vanessa Gonzales and V.G. Anderson. Learn more and follow her work at vganderson.com.


Don’t Feed The Goat