Friedman, Ronald J



Ronald J Friedman is a retired psychologist living in Scottsdale, Arizona. He
is the author of two books and over 50 nonfiction articles published in
magazines and newspapers, b

ut has been writing fiction for only the past three
years. His short stories include “The New Suit” published by Huff Post 50 and
“Night Orderly” published by Bartleby Snopes. “Night Orderly” won first prize in
the magazine’s 2013 “all dialogue” story contest.

He credits his mother for his success as a writer. She worked as an assassin for the CIA, and later for the Detroit Mob, so she travelled a lot for work. She supplemented her income by working as a copy editor for the Detroit Free Press. Mom passed away at work about a year ago. Sophie the Dog put two in her head while they were sitting in
a stolen ’87 Buick Riviera near Detroit City Airport. Nobody’s fault. It was just a misunderstanding. When Friedman went to identify the body, he made three pledges to his mother. He said, “I’ll never write another comma splice, I will always show, not tell, and all my stories will arc higher than the Arch in St. Louis.”

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